Trigger Support Comms through SFDC Campaigns

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Trigger Support Comms through SFDC Campaigns

Hey all, 


We currently have a support alert process in place which needs to be slicker. What we want to do is trigger support communications to our customer base if one of our products has a P1 or 2 issue. At the moment we have built a series of campaigns in SFDC that houses all of the support contacts for each product and then depending on a change in the campaign we will trigger the specific email. 


Originally we wanted to put a tick box on the actual SFDC campaign "trigger support email" if it goes to true Marketo see's it and launches the email however as Marketo cannot see the campaign object this has not been possible. I dont want to put anything on the contact record as it will mean someone needs to find the contact and it becomes complex. One way we have discussed is to change the member status of any record in the SFDC campaign and then have a smart campaign update all the members in the campaign to the same status e.g. "send support comms" once this is triggered Marketo sees the change and sends the email. After the email is sent we add a flow step which changes the campaign member status back and we can start the process again if needs be. 


My concern is this feels like a convoluted way to make it work. I would love any suggestions on how we can make this easier. 




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Re: Trigger Support Comms through SFDC Campaigns

I'd create a Resource Person for each linked Marketo Program ↔︎ SFDC Campaign.


A Resource Person's email address has a one-to-one relationship to its corresponding program, for example


When the RP is updated — this can mean merely setting a DateTime field to the current time or, more robustly, adding a new custom object — send them through a webhook. The webhook loops back using Marketo API to schedule the corresponding email.


This tactic (derived from the world of enterprise collaboration, by the way, where printers and conference rooms are "resources" but otherwise peers with humans) can be used to ease many Marketo tasks.