Re: Trigger Campaigns are not firing...

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Trigger Campaigns are not firing...

We have begun to notice that our trigger campaigns are not executing. I notified support and they mentioned we have 'high priority' smart campaigns that are taking precedent over our other smart campaigns. However, the examples support have provided were implement 6+ months ago and we haven't had any issues before. Also, it doesn't appear that we are getting a significant boost in traffic via these campaigns; yet all our triggered smart campaigns are stalling out.

For example, if a form is submitted, it is captured on the landing page stats, but the SC looking for the submission will have no members, and no flow steps will execute. Hours pass and they still don't go through the smart campaign.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any recommendations?

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Re: Trigger Campaigns are not firing...

Hi Patrick,

What is the campaign queue showing?

What is the first flow step of these "low priority" triggered smart campaigns?

You might want to escalate on support.


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Re: Trigger Campaigns are not firing...

And also, what is you pod?

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Re: Trigger Campaigns are not firing...

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Re: Trigger Campaigns are not firing...

Check your campaign queue to see if you can find a culprit campaign:Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 10.24.07 AM.png

Some thoughts:

- was a campaign accidentally built to be an infinite loop? For example Campaign A triggers off of Event A and caused Event B. Campaign B then triggers off of Event B and causes Event A, and the cycle continues.

- did you just have a large email campaign go out, or do a large list import? We used to experience trigger backlogs when doing imports of more than a hundred people or so and I had to restructure the campaigns which handle new records in order to reduce that problem.

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Re: Trigger Campaigns are not firing...

Take a look at your Campaign Queue and see if there is any campaign that is running a high number of records that shouldn't be. Also, talk to your SFDC Admin and see if they changed anything that would cause that campaign to over-run.

We once had a HUGE backlog in the Campaign Queue because of a change in SFDC. We have a Marketo smart campaign to normalize Country to ISO 2-digit in case a record slips in (like through a list upload) with a non-standard value. Our SFDC Admin messed up a trigger in SFDC that for some reason changed Country to full country name. So records started ping-ponging back and forth between systems, and our normalization smart campaign clogged up the queue.

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