Tradeshow and meetings booking

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Tradeshow and meetings booking


I would like to add on a landing page a calendar with a specific and defined range date - this is for a tradeshow.

People can then select a date and a time.

Then they must fill out a form (First name last name, email, company and comments) to submit their request.


Once submitted, an email is sent to the coordinator with all details about the request and the requester.


Once submitted all meetings (with meeting and requester details) are stored in an online planning (in marketo?) that can be viewed by our coordinator.

Can I do this in Marketo? If yes, how? 🙂

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and time.



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Re: Tradeshow and meetings booking

Well, if you want to keep a record of the previous meetings in Marketo, you’d ideally need a custom object (and a webhook that would write data to it upon form fill). However, since you’re collecting very limited information from the requestor via the form, you can also append the comments to a field using the Change Data Value flow step upon form fill. You’d need a bit of a velocity scripting to parse the Comments data and display the comment submitted by the user in their last form fill in the email you send to the coordinator.


Nonetheless, if you don’t want to preserve the past meeting requested data, you can directly write the data (comments) to a field, and anyhow you’re triggering an email with the latest comments (and possibly date time of the when the request was made and any SLA/additional person details) in the email to the coordinator.