Tracking LinkedIn InMail (open/clicks) back to Marketo?

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Tracking LinkedIn InMail (open/clicks) back to Marketo?


When sending LinkedIn Sponsor InMail to a known individual you targeted from Marketo (via AdBridge audience match), should you expect to see their opens/clicks within that InMail come back to that Marketo person record as some sort of social activity?? or would that happen only if person subsequently fills out a form...LinkedIn Lead Gen form or Marketo page/form?

I've crawled through the documentation both in Marketo and LinkedIn and can't seem find a definitive answer...hope I'm missing something obvious here.



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Re: Tracking LinkedIn InMail (open/clicks) back to Marketo?

hey Sean,

That'd be a nice feature but I haven't heard of anything like that before. Generally speaking AdBridge is a nice way of creating lists in the places you advertise, but once the list is deployed AdBridge doesn't have any role in social/ad listening.

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Re: Tracking LinkedIn InMail (open/clicks) back to Marketo?

Far as I know, you can send any link you want via Sponsored InMail.

So while the links will not be automatically rewritten to bounce off the Marketo tracking server (as they would be with a Marketo-generated email) you can include identifying information that has the same final outcome, that is, they don't have to fill out a form. Use a method like this one: Tracking clicks from non-Marketo email sends