Re: Tracking a Campaign and Sources

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Tracking a Campaign and Sources

Hey Everyone,

I am slowly getting a grip of everything Marketo but recently started struggling with finding the right way to track our new media campaign.

I'm sure I am not alone in that we have a new media campaign and are pushing it out through many channels (tracked with individual url parameters). I have already setup tracking programs to track anyone that touches our landing pages and also have separate programs tracking the varying url parameters.

With this setup I feel like I am missing something. Is there a way to set this up where I could easily track (in one place) the following:

- Total Number of Leads from Entire Campaign (visited, converted, etc.)

- Number of Campaign Leads from Source A (visited, converted, etc.)

- Number of Campaign Leads from Source B (visited, converted, etc.)


With my current setup I would need to look through many programs to get the numbers I need but was hoping there was a way to track everything under the umbrella of the main campaign.

Could someone please shove me in the right direction if I am missing something?


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Re: Tracking a Campaign and Sources

Is there a reason you're using separate programs for each channel? Cost attribution perhaps?

Seems like you could use separate campaigns for each source but all within the same program.

Possible (somewhat complicated) answer: create a new program channel with different program statuses, each one a different source. Then when you click on the main program overview, you can see how many leads are at each status (aka from each source), but the total members will tell you everyone who visited, converted, etc.

That might not cut it, especially if you're tracking successes through program status. If you don't want to create a new program channel, just use different campaigns for each source and see how many members each campaign has.

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Re: Tracking a Campaign and Sources

I had thought about using program channels as well since that would show me everything but alas I am using successes. Sounds like separate campaigns is the way to go.

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Re: Tracking a Campaign and Sources

Unless you have RCE or you are pushing leads to a parent-child SFDC Campaign, this will be very difficult.

I highly recommend using One Program to push out one asset, then use URL params to add the lead to a SFDC Campaign based on Channel Type. I wrote about this several times on my site.