Token within a token for SMS campaigns

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Token within a token for SMS campaigns

Hello all,

I would like to run an SMS campaign for leads that have not confirmed their email address (we have a lot and we try to tackle it in many ways).

Generally, for each lead, a unique link is created on our CRM and that field is synced to Marketo. In emails, we would send this link using a token since it's unique to each lead.

Confirm email link: https://payment-services.......EmailActivation?id=tOGFlYy....1lODExLWE4NjYtM…

Is it possible to use that link (token) in an SMS campaign? I have run a few tests and nothing worked. This is the current setup, which is probably incorrect:


We use Twilio and ClickSend as our SMS providers.

Hope I provided the necessary details.



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Re: Token within a token for SMS campaigns

You haven't really explained how you want to use ​nested ​tokens. You're showing 2 Text tokens -- but not how they're being sent in your SMS webook setup.

Are you trying to shorten one URL to another and then send only the shortened one? If so, the SMS provider would only need to see the one shortened URL. How is the unique shortened one being generated? You need to provide a lot more color here.