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Token values for multi-owner leads

We recently converted to an enterprise-wide CRM (salesforce) instance and are trying to account for leads that could be pursued by multiple brands and therefore have multiple owners on a singular lead record - we opted for multiple owners to avoid duplicate records. Currently in Marketo, we use the lead owner token a lot to personalize emails as well as to trigger alerts to the sales owner about lead activity. I don't believe Marketo can reference anything but a primary sales owner. Does anyone have experience with something similar to this? How do we ensure all owners are taken into account?

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Re: Token values for multi-owner leads

I would create custom owner fields for each brand, and tokens in the "to other emails" field of the send alert flow step, e.g.:pastedImage_0.png

You'd need to either put choices in that step to ensure it goes to the right brand owner or know that this smart campaign is only going to touch on that brand. But that's how I would likely do this.

Hope that's helpful.

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Re: Token values for multi-owner leads

Seconding Grace's suggestion + noting this probably strays from your dream of having a distinct MultiOwner object. Unfortunately you're not going to have tokens to send to unless you flatten data to lead fields. While you can filter on fields from custom objects, and include data from custom objects in email content, a weakness is that you can't directly address those fields as first-class {{tokens}}.