Re: To Combine or Create New?

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To Combine or Create New?

Hello, question for the community.

Say there are two instances of Marketo each tied to their respective SFDC system. We will call them M1 and M2, and the SFDC instances S1 and S2. M1 synced to S1 and M2 synced to S2. Now we are looking to merge the Marketo instances into one for a shared Marketing database but the two instances of SFDC would remain out there. We will ultimately connect just one Marketo instance to a single instance of SFDC and then tie SFDC to SFDC moving forward. Both Marketo systems have been running for multiple years and have integrations to other tech stack software.

Now to my question - What will be easier, efficient, have fewer errors, retain most information etc?

Option 1 -

Keep M1 to S1 sync,

Break sync from M2 and S2

Move M2 details to M1

Link S1 and S2 through SFDC2SFDC process

or Option 2 -

Break M1 to S1 sync

Break M2 to S2 sync

Combine M1 and M2 to new Marketo instance (M3)

Link S1 and S2 through SFDC2SFDC process.

I am open to your thoughts or any examples, things to watch out for. If you will be at Summit I would even like to extend an offer for a drink to discuss options and your experience and can talk offline about his as well.

Thanks Jason

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Re: To Combine or Create New?

There are several threads on this. Please search.

I would personally just create a brand new instance and tie it to the correct SFDC Org. Support can help you do a transfer of data to new Marketo, however, there is some data loss involved.

There may be a Session related to this. Happy to chat if you find me on April 30/May 1.

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Re: To Combine or Create New?

Hi Jason,

I am not coming at summit but my experience is that migrating data and programs from one Marketo instance to another is quite painful, so I would try to limit that and consider option 1 first.

Marketo is now offering some professional services that ease these types of things, so you might want to talk to them, too.