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Template code deployment

I was wondering how others have organised their processes around updating the landingpage/email templates?
Is Marketo interface the only way to do that? I'm interested in some sort of terminal/command line tool to push the HTML template files straight into Marketo and approve them. That could have saved so much time for us.

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Re: Template code deployment

You can use the Marketo REST API to do all CRUD and approval processes for both Email and Landing Page templates.  Whether you use a command line capable language like Python or not is completely up to you.

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Re: Template code deployment

All languages are command-line capable!

But let's not pretend it's an easy thing to do... in reality, almost no users are doing desktop workflow into Marketo assets, because well-tested tools don't exist.

Consider the question of API limits. A workgroup periodically saving data, triggering a watch folder CLI, and flushing to Marketo can use thousands of API calls. And then there's the fact that API connections must be serialized (to guarantee in-order updates) and each one could sometimes take 30s to complete.