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Syncing programs to Salesforce

We are in the process of syncing our programs to Salesforce. To do so, I connected our Marketo program to a new Salesforce campaign of the same name.

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This synced over program details, but it did not sync any members of this Marketo program. We want our members to sync. I assume that has to be done manually when setting this up for the first time - is that correct?

Then, to sync program members and their statuses to Salesforce ongoing I need to add another step to our flow. So far I have added the step of "Sync lead to SFDC" but now I see an option for "Change status in SFDC campaign." Do I need to use both of those flow steps - or just one? This would be for leads who have just taken the action triggered in the smart list, which in this case is filling out a key form.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.10.42 PM.png

Thanks for any help! Here are my two questions again:

1 - Do I have to manually sync each Marketo program's members to the corresponding Salesforce campaign when setting this up for the first time?

2 - To have new members automatically synced from Marketo to Salesforce, which flow steps do I need to add to my campaign?

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Re: Syncing programs to Salesforce

You should only need to Change Program Status for each Lead. Marketo should push the leads over to SFDC with the correct Status.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • marketo will add the correct Member Status to any SFDC Campaign where you did not touch the defaults.
  • If you modified the Member Status in SFDC, then it MUST match the Program Statuses before it will sync. If you broke this, you should delink the program-campaign and create a new campaign (unless this is a pre-existing campaign, in which case you will have to update everyone's status to the correct ones).
  • The Program Sync will bypass any lead lifecycle lead assignment rules, so this is only a good idea if you 1) don't care; 2) have strong SFDC LARs; or 3) auto assign new leads to Queues.
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Re: Syncing programs to Salesforce

Thanks, Josh.

So if I understand you correctly, you're saying that I can delete steps 3 and 4 (shown in screenshot above) from my flow - because this will happen automatically when new leads get added to this program? (And changing the Marketo lead status is already part of the flow.)