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Survey Monkey Unique Survey Link



My company has recently integrated Marketo and Survey Monkey - I have experience with Marketo but not Survey Monkey. Is it possible to generate and send (via Marketo) unique survey links as a way to track who completed a survey and their responses? Or, is there another method used to track who completed a survey and their responses?


Additionally, any best practices for a novice when it comes to optimizing data using the Survey Monkey Marketo integration is welcome. For example, removing redundant questions like asking for an email address or name because all contacts exist in the CRM.


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Re: Survey Monkey Unique Survey Link

You can include Marketo fields as custom variables but I’d need to know exactly what you mean by “track who completed”. Do you mean track in Marketo? And if so, how do you want to visualize this type of data in Marketo?

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Re: Survey Monkey Unique Survey Link

I haven't done Surveymonkey myself, but glancing over the integration documentation it looks very similar to Qualtrics, which I worked with not too long ago.


Survey completion as an event that Surveymonkey can write back to Marketo as a Custom Activity. From there you can e.g. add a program status in your survey program like "Survey Completed" and populate it from a Custom Activity trigger.






And regarding Best Practices:


Only ask in your survey what you really want/need to know. Certainly you don't want to ask for an email address if you sent the survey invitation email from Marketo.


And regarding the integration: Only sync events that you want to take action on in Marketo. Survey completion is a good event, as you can use this event to decide whether or not to send a reminder email. Another sensible case would be an NPS score below 6 that triggers a Sales Alert in Marketo. But don't try to rebuild Surveymonkey's complete survey reporting in Marketo. SurveyMonkey is much better at that.