Survey Monkey & Program Acquisition?

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Survey Monkey & Program Acquisition?

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Every year at a major trade show we use Survey Monkey to capture important sales conversations with prospects at the booth and in 1:1 meetings...the hot and warm differentiate them from the more cold leads we capture by scanning attendees at the booth, in numerous stage talks, etc. I set up separate programs for each trade show activity so I can know exactly which activity generated which lead: Booth vs Talk 1 vs Talk 2, etc

I can see that Survey Monkey offers Marketo integration in terms of field mapping...but does anyone know if it's possible to attribute a survey or a survey's acquisition program via the integration? I don't want leads from the survey entering the Marketo DB with no attribution. Thanks!

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Re: Survey Monkey & Program Acquisition?

I believe so if you take a close look at the docs and how to trigger a Program Status change.