Suggestions for Training Internal Team on Marketo

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Suggestions for Training Internal Team on Marketo

I am one of the Marketo admins on my instance, and we are in the process of implementation. That said, one of our next steps is making sure that our main users and power users are going to be enabled to be able to work autonomously instead of me having to review everything that is being put out in the system.

That said, I would appreciate any insight and documents that other Marketo admins or managers utilize in training their staff in using Marketo. My current plan is to set up permissions in accordance with a weekly training that I will provide to our team, but want to determine what would be best as far as a lesson plan.

Thank everyone!

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Re: Suggestions for Training Internal Team on Marketo

I would type in "training" here and on google to find plenty of docs and models.

Resources of all types exist:

Marketo and Demand Generation Consulting - Marketing Rockstar Guides

Marketo Learning/University (here)

I recall the Marketo blog (and others) have some posts on how to structure a MOPS team. Things to consider:

  • sounds like you are doing Hub and Spoke
  • You need to define access levels by area or region
  • you need to setup Naming & Org structure and have someone enforce it.
  • QA docs
  • if you have the staff, do a formal QA process
  • only upgrade access when people are trained in your particular instance or have MCE.
  • most people do not need to be Admins or even have access to turn on campaigns.
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Re: Suggestions for Training Internal Team on Marketo

I break training into modules based on areas that they will have access to or need to learn, for example some people need Analytics training but others don't. I made all of my own training materials that include high level explanations, hands on training that we do together step by step, exercises that they do on their own (still during the training, so I can be there to help or answer questions), and written questions to answer throughout the training to make sure they listen and comprehend. Often those questions are an extension of the training to challenge them to think things through - so not something I've said but a concept they need to understand and infer from the training. My training isn't easy, but if you want a user license you need to take it. I've based my training on Marketo Docs ( and use it as a great resource. I wrote the materials so that if I was hit by a bus, someone could read it like a guide book and understand why they are doing that action and exactly how to do it.

That being said, even after intensive training, MAP can be hard to learn and isn't easy for people who have other primary jobs. For example, an events person who spends less than 10% of her time on the platform might not remember every nuance, so I have a hard rule that for their first campaign launch we do it together. No exceptions. This is to make sure I can review and help guide them. After that, they can set up a meeting with me to launch any campaign for as long as they need me. I'd rather they need me as a security blanket than launch something inappropriately. Some users only need me in person once, others need me for 5+ campaigns. It all depends on the user. Once they have confidence in themselves, I offer a review same day (provided they don't ask at 4:30pm) for any user's campaign. They don't have to meet in person, just send me the link and I'll make sure everything looks right. They have this option for as long indefinitely. I have users who 98% of the time run their own campaigns with no review, doing great, and 2% have something one-off or complicated where they feel better with an extra pair of eyes.