Suggestions for campaign folder management

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Suggestions for campaign folder management

From an organizational standpoint, our instance is poorly organized. 

Anyone input/feedback on how you organize your campaign folders would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

There are a lot of ways to do this and your specific needs will determine the best way to organize.

Here are some guiding principles:

  • Marketo's cloning feature currently doesn't allow cloning into a subfolder, so if you clone things often this will be an issue as your users are unlikely to move things to the proper folder
  • If you can, organize folders so users can look specifically in one section for their assets and programs.  If you have a team for the UK market, they should have their own space.
  • Organize by year or quarter (depending on your marketing speed) and archive previous years.  You can unarchive easily, so I'd recommend archiving aggressively to the point that someone complains they can't find something.
  • Don't archive anything that is active: deactivate campaigns before archiving, etc.
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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

I am not sure what you mean, Beachhead, about not being able to clone into subfolders? We have several layers of folders and are able to clone throughout.

I use folders pretty heavily, and they, along with consistent naming conventions, really help keep things organized. The one most of my users are in most of the time focus on regional campaigns. They are set up like this (each bullet is a folder/subfolder):
  • Region-Specific Programs
    • APAC
      • APAC eDM
      • APAC Events
      • APAC Webinar
    • EMEA
      • EMEA eDM
      • EMEA Events
      • EMEA Webinar
    • NA
      • NA eDM
      • NA Events
      • NA Webinar
    • LATAM
      • LATAM eDM
      • LATAM Events
      • LATAM Webinar

I have a main program template for events & webinars that our team clones each time. Any changes to scoring, flow, etc. are done in these templates -- so it's important they're cloned anew (though sometimes people just clone from an old program to a different folder). The team saves them in the proper folder with this naming convention: Year_Month_Type_Topic (i.e. an April webinar on being awesome would be "2013_04_Webinar_BeingAwesome").  

At the end of the quarter, we make a folder wherein we put all that quarter's programs. Then, at the end of the year, all those folders go into a folder created for that year. 

It keeps things remarkably neat and makes it easy to find various programs.
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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

We've tried 2 different ways for organization to see which works best. What we've found is that there's always exceptions that can fit into more than 1 folder, but we generally organize by which sales group would handle the inquiries. With the way we are strucutured, we have a folder for our small market group, our client group, our field sales group and then our corporate group. We also have 2 other folders for items that don't meet those criteria, basically any corporate communications and then we have a special folder that all webinars go into. This way we can easily see the webinars and make sure we don't forget any of the many moving pieces.
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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

We also use folders and naming conventions pretty strategically. Since Marketo doesnt seem to allow you to clone parent folders while maintaining child items, challenges can quickly arise when scaling.  So keep that in mind when you are creating folders and programs.  As a pretty new Marketo customer, we have deployed the following folder structure (summarized of course). So far, we have been very happy with it.

Marketing Programs (folder)
Email Blasts (folder)
Blogs (folder)
"Name of Blog Article 1" (program)
"Name of Blog Article 2" (program)
etc. etc. etc.

Newsletters (folder)
April 2013 (program)  -  with emails that are being A/B tested
Send April Newsletter A/B (campaign)
Clicked April Newsletter (campaign)
Split Smart List Into Chunks (operational campaign)
Chunk 1 (list)
Chunk 2 (list)
Newsletter A (email)
Newsletter B (email)

Nurturing (folder)

Early Stage Nuture (folder)

note: this is structured for marketing by vertical.
This is probably different for your business:

Manufacturing (folder) 

Higher Education (folder)

Assets (folder)
Campaigns (folder)
Email 1 (folder)
Outbound Email 1 (campaign)
Opens Email 1 (campaign)
Clicks Email 1 (campaign)
Fills out Form in Email 1 (campaign)
Unsubscribes in Email 1  (campaign)
Email 2 (folder)
Email 3 (folder)
Email 4 (folder)

Life Science (folder)
Government (folder)
Software (folder)
Finance (folder)
Engaged Stage Nurture (folder)
etc. (same folder structure as Early Stage)
Late Stage Nurture (folder)
etc. (same folder structure as Early Stage)
Outreach (folder)
Press (folder)

Events (folder)

Tradeshows (folder)

Webinars (folder)

Operational Programs (folder)

Hope this helps.  I'm not sure if our way is the best, but our consultant recommended it and it seems to be working very well for us.  Very interested to see other examples here.
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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. 

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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management


Take a look at this option too:
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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

Our structuring is displayed below which allows for regional tokens and clear ownership over tactical driving team vs global initiatives. The annual program folders are also great because we can test a program during a quarter (built in the quarterly folder) and if we decide continue it, move it to annual so we can always see programs that are constantly running.

!Global                                                  <- Global Tokens

     00. Global

          !Annual Programs  | Global

          FY14 | Global

               Q314 | Global

                    Q314 | Events

                    Q314 | Webinars

               Q414 | Global

          FY15 | Global

               Q115 | Global

               Q215 | Global

     01. NA                                              <- Regional Tokens

          !Annual Programs  | NA

          FY14 | NA

               Q314 | NA

               Q414 | NA

     02. EMEA                                           <- Regional Tokens

          !Annual Programs  | EMEA

          FY14 | EMEA

               Q314 | EMEA

               Q414 | EMEA

          FY15 | EMEA

     03. LATAM                                           <- Regional Tokens

     04. ANZ                                                <- Regional Tokens

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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

This is one example of best practices for your folder structure of your Marketing Activities.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.23.47 AM.png

For your programs:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.26.06 AM.png

I recommend you to:

- Use consistent foldering structure inside of the Program Templates, it makes it easier to find Campaigns and Assets

- Pay attention to Local Vs Global Assets

- Get an agreement from all your Marketo Users

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Re: Suggestions for campaign folder management

Here's a link for best practices in folder organization and asset naming convention, in addition to other tips as well; Hope this helps!