Store GA UTM Data across Campaigns/Programs

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Store GA UTM Data across Campaigns/Programs

Hi - I would like to start storing GA UTM data for form submissions.

Though we don't use Marketo forms, we are easily able to sync across the UTM parameter content into the Marketo database.

We will often have multiple campaigns running at once, driving leads to submit a form to receive content. Leads are often in more than one campaign at a time.

Because of the overlapping time frame of campaigns, I can't use generic 'utm_(source/medium/campaign)' fields, as a lead may complete two different forms in one day and the first form submits data will be overwritten with the second.

However, I can't lock the fields to prevent the data being overwritten, as we then won't receive the data for the second form submit.

As we frequently run different campaigns it seems silly (and very messy) to create 5 custom data fields (for source, medium, campaign, content, and term) for every single campaign we run.

Can anyone suggest a way to track and store this data in a way that makes sense?


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Re: Store GA UTM Data across Campaigns/Programs

There are several threads and approaches to this:

  • paired first and LT fields....but that doesn't really solve it.
  • touch records:
    • custom object
    • campaign member record
  • Leverage SFDC Campaigns for Offer-Channel (campaign member object method)

Since I've written about this before, look for "channel offer attribution" or similar threads.

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Re: Store GA UTM Data across Campaigns/Programs

You should read all of Josh's work on this.

I would add that when it comes to flat fields, you definitely don't want to create custom fields for every campaign (I don't know of anybody who's done this). You can use a history field to record the person's path for each UTM dimension -- a concatenated log of their data points.