Stop Sync to Marketo

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Stop Sync to Marketo

When a sales rep rejects a lead, this causes the "Stop Sync to Marketo" field to switch to TRUE. However, this causes problems: Marketo is not receiving the updated lead status information from salesforce, and marketing then continues to send email to leads who should not receive email any longer. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks! 

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Re: Stop Sync to Marketo

Hi Stephanie,

Without knowing exactly how "Stop Sync to Marketo" was set up, it's difficult to give specific advice, but know that when you do that kind of hard stop, it does by association do a hard stop of synced data, which then leads to this sort of orphaned data. Generally, if you put some sort of process delay so Marketo can sync down the data saying "hey, ignore this record from here on out/remove it from Marketo/etc." before the record becomes inaccessible, that's the best way forward.