Standard list of inferred field values

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Standard list of inferred field values

I am trying to locate a list of standard values/outputs for Inferred address fields. I know that these are populated from WhoIs databases, but I am unable to locate a list of standard values. Does anyone have this available to share?

Example: Inferred Country could say USA or United States.

Stephanie Sweetland
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Re: Standard list of inferred field values

These are provided by service providers, and there are many out there, are you trying to find exactly what Marketo uses or just any?

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Re: Standard list of inferred field values

Hi Stephanie,

The inferred pick list values are not available directly since they are looked up based on IP but I believe Marketo captures the full country name for example for Inferred Country. Did you try looking into your database where for e.g. "Inferred Country" is not empty and export in excel or an external system? You can use a pivot table to get all the unique values. 


Shashank Sharma

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Re: Standard list of inferred field values

Well, getting all the currently used values isn't the same as the all the possible values which is more like what Stephanie is looking for.

In any case: the possible values are dictated by the local GeoIP database in use, because they are normalized there. The values are not loaded directly from public records.

Unfortunately, the same geolocation is represented in different ways, and you can't predict them ahead of time. For example, the Inferred Metropolitan Area in the US sometimes uses the USPS name of the MRC followed by the MRC in parentheses "Salt Lake City UT (MRC-770)". In other cases it's just the numeric MRC "770".  These are the only variants I know of for the MA, and it's easy to locate the numeric MRC within both formats, but there may be more.

I agree that longer/"friendlier" names are typically used for Inferred Country, Inferred State, and Inferred City. Which is too bad because the ISO 2- or 3-letter code is always exact and is far easier to process!