Spotting contacts out of sync with SFDC

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Spotting contacts out of sync with SFDC

From time to time I'll find contacts that get out of sync with Salesforce. The records will have values in Marketo, but not in SFDC, mismatched values, etc. It's not super common and it's easy enough to fix by forcing a sync with the record -- but my question is whether or not anyone has found a way to identify these records other than stumbling upon them?

I'm guessing there's no easy answer to this question, since if Marketo could easily identify it's out of sync, it would just force a sync... but I was hoping someone might have come up with a clever workaround.

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Re: Spotting contacts out of sync with SFDC

you could automate that with several options

  • Force sync batch for certain records that appear to be out of date (if there's a common cause or similar criteria) could just be as simple as Last Updated IN PAST Before 90 days?
  • Use a tool like Openprise or RingLead to compare values on records and re-sync.