Splitting Lead Score into Demographic & Behavioral Scores?

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Splitting Lead Score into Demographic & Behavioral Scores?

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions and/or best practices for transitioning from one lead score to demographic and behavioral. In particular, I'm concerned with out historical data. For all future leads my plan is to update my lead scoring campaigns to populate either the behavioral score field or the demographic score field and then use a separate campaign to add these fields together in the lead score field whenever one changes (this will continue to be the field that shows up in Salesforce, behavioral and demographic scores will be used for marketing purposes and housed solely in Marketo).

For historical data, I'm looking for input on the best most accurate way to separate the scores. Anyone have experience with this?

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Re: Splitting Lead Score into Demographic & Behavioral Scores?

Hey Dezie Okpoebo​,

You're probably going to find that separating the historical score with absolute accurately is going to be difficult to scale. If I were trying to do this, I'd look at my new lead scoring rules and consider doing a historical one-off run on those to make sure the score is aligned with any methodology changes in score values, etc.

The demographic scoring points won't really be very time specific, so that shouldn't be too difficult to pull out - I'd just create cloned variations of the campaigns that aren't trigger based and run them on the data set. For behavioural scoring points - define a period of time that's short enough to be relevant, long enough to capture a meaningful amount of data, and run them again as non-trigger based campaigns, obviously keeping in mind that you may need to factor in the number of times something happened. E.g., if you've got "clicks email" trigger scores, you may want to consider alternatives for <5, 5-10,10-15 clicks in the past 90 days etc.

Because these would all be once off smart campaigns, I'd chuck them in a subfolder away from the ongoing trigger campaigns just to keep things tidy too. And to avoid confusion, I would consider export all current score values as a back up, and then wiping those fields.