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Specific Time Zone in Email

Has anyone ever added the email recipient's time zone into the email?

For example, we have a webinar series coming up that I would like to show the time that it occurs in the recipients time zone instead of showing PDT / EDT / BST / HKT 

Is there a way to do this?


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Re: Specific Time Zone in Email

Sure Devan. You can create a Segmentation for Time Zone. Then write a bunch of rules to determine who goes in which Time Zone. It gets a little tricky when a timezone splits through a US state. Might be really cumbersome to create with each of the international countries. But once you did it all, it would be really easy to Segment by in whatever you wanted to include personalized time zones. i think it offers a nice user experience. 
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Re: Specific Time Zone in Email

That's what I thought.. I'd have to look through the different countries by their timezone.

Have you thought about tying the time zone to the country/state in a field?
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Re: Specific Time Zone in Email

If you go to, you can get a list of Countries by Time Zone.

Your Segmentation would be fairly easy to do with 

EST: Country is US, Canada AND State=X
GMT: Country is UK, etc.

Be sure to place your priority countries at the top of the Segmentation.

But when you send the email, you will need to break it up into several campaigns or a series of Send+Wait Step starting with the first time zone. Usually you can run this as the three regions:

If Time Zone Segment= EST, Send Email 1
Wait 12 Hours
If Time Zone Segment=Asia, Send Email 1
Wait 7 Hours
if Time Zone Segment=EMEA, Send Email 1

Probably makes more sense to start in Asia, but you get the idea.

I heard Marketo is working on time zone of recipient (like Mailchimp has). Not sure when though. Mailchimp typically based it on location (reverse lookup) and time of open/click.