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Social Tracking

Hello Community,


I am trying to track all social media clicks through one program. I have been testing the program and clicking on the tracked link but still seeing "0 members" in program. It seems to be set up correctly and I added an interesting moment (to link with SFDC) and it is not showing up. Please help if you can!


FYI - We want to see who is visiting the page, aside from any form fills.

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Re: Social Tracking

Do you see any activity (visited a webpage/clicked a link) in the munchkin-associated person's activity log? To give you some background, when a person clicks a tracked link from an email (or fills out a form), they get the munchkin cookie associated with their person record, and all the subsequent web activities on the pages with munchkin JS should be visible in their activity log. If the munchkin is already associated with a known person, their visits and clicks on the webpage should also get logged in their activity log. Unless the activity makes it to a known person's activity log, your campaigns listening for web page interaction won't fire.