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Smart List Question


I just wanted to confirm a smart list I have set up:

As long as I have "ALL" filters apply selected, this means that only if someone selects yes in the field selected from that particular form will they be part of the flow (Not just anyone who selects yes to that field in any form). I'm only concerned because I have another smart campaign set up using this same filter (Participate Customer Experience Call), but it's on another form. I just want to make sure the the 2 different smart campaigns wouldn't cross paths at all.

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Re: Smart List Question

I would do a couple of things here:
  • use the on web page criteria on the Fills Out Form to ensure you get the right form fill out. Worry more about using the same FORM Trigger in more than one campaign than the same filter.
  • yes, the green filter will do what you want, BUT, if someone already had that value AND fills out the form, then the lead will qualify. Probably not a likely scenario that would cause harm though.