Re: Smart List or Static List?

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Smart List or Static List?

Hey Marketo Community!

Looking for a little help here. I will try my best to explain our scenario. We are bringing people to a landing page, where they can fill out a form to sign up for a special weekly newsletter. These people who add themselves to this mailing list -- would they need to filter into a smart list or a static list?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Smart List or Static List?

Hi Amanda,

Either one would work.  For the Static List you would need a trigger campaign set up to watch for the Form Fill out, or for some change to a field on the form.  The flow of the campaign would add the lead that triggered the campaign to the list.

For a smart list, you would use the same filter you would have used in the Smart Campaign, but there wouldn't be any flow action you'd need to take.  The lead would either qualify for the list or not.

One thing to ask yourself is how do you want to handle it if the leads decides to unsubscribe from this list?  If you go with a static list you would need a trigger campaign set up to remove them from the list based on some action or field value, and if you have a smart list already based off a field value (ex. Interested In Mail = true/false) then they would either qualify for the list and get the mail when it's "true" and not be on the list if it was "false".

Does that all make sense?

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Re: Smart List or Static List?

Yes, exactly.

Just to clarify for what John said about the smart list method:

Filled Out Form IS X on Page Y will give you the list of names. As John suggests, this is less than ideal because it is activity based and if the assets are removed, there could be issues later. Definitely plan out subscription method in addition to the static list using Fields.