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Smart campaigns for Nurture Streams

Hey -

I'm trying to set up an Engagement program. I'm using "Programs" instead of "emails" to pull in the content. However, I'm having trouble setting up the smart campaigns properly. I can't seem to set it up in a way that it doesn't send to the wrong people, but also is accepted in the Streams, or isn't a batch schedule. I'm sure there's a simple fix for this. It's my first time setting this up. 

Right now I'm trying:

Smart list: If member of engagement program

Flow: Send Email

Help please!  

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Re: Smart campaigns for Nurture Streams

Once someone is added to the engagement program, the emails will fire automatically depending on how you have your cadence set up if the stream/program is activated. 

Check out this article:

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Re: Smart campaigns for Nurture Streams

Make sure each program that you're pulling in has a smart campaign with a Smart List that references the person being a member of the engagement program (and any other criteria you want, such as not having downloaded that piece of content).


Your Flow step is then to send the email. You won't schedule / turn on the smart campaign; leave it as-is, then drag it into your stream and activate that item within your stream.


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Re: Smart campaigns for Nurture Streams

Thanks, Carrie! Exactly what I needed.