Smart Campaign not Capturing Status Change

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Smart Campaign not Capturing Status Change



I have smart campaigns set up to trigger lead scores based on changed statuses. We recently had an event, and updated the registrants to "Attended" and "No show". For lead scoring, we add people to the flow based on the trigger:


Program Status Change is
Program "is any" 
New Program status is "Event > Attended"

The trigger results show there was no one was affected. However, when I played around with a filter rather than a trigger and set it as:


Program Status Changed:
The program "is any" 
New Program status "is any"
"last 2 days"


I can see all the people who should have been updated. Any idea of why this is happening and how I can remedy it? Let me know, thanks!

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Re: Smart Campaign not Capturing Status Change

There can be multiple things you consider checking here-

  • Was this trigger campaign active when these people had their program status change activity?
  • Were the campaign qualification rules in the Schedule tab set to allow people to flow through it? In case the person had flowed through the campaign previously and the campaign's qualification rules allow people to flow through it 1x then people would not have flowed through it again on the program status change.
  • Did the campaign’s smart list have any filters that have let people flow through it even though their program status changed? 
  • Also, at times I have seen the campaign’s results tab not updating, so I would also check the person’s activity log to see whether their score was changed after the program status was changed or not (of course with the reason attribute of the score change activity clearly indicating that the score was changed by the campaign).