SLA notifications / escalation alerts

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SLA notifications / escalation alerts

Hey Everyone,

Wondering what the best practice for SLA escalation/enforcement.

What I'm trying to achieve:
  1. An email alert notifying the lead owner that they have a new "A" rated lead in their territory, that is triggered when the "lead rating" data value hits "A" (already have this process in place)
  2. Then, if the lead is not followed up with within 1 business day (must end M-F 5pm), want to send an escalation alert to the VP of sales & COO that the SLA has expired. 
I've read quite a few other posts and seems like most poeple are achieving this by sending the SLA expiration alert when lead status remains "open" for > 24 hours.

Unfortunately the lead statuses/process I inherited don't work like that (Still new at the company and learning the sales processes, but pretty sure sales will not update lead status from MQL to Sales Accepted as they followup with the leads. I've asked my manager if we can implement this process but he asked that I try to find another way first.)

I've seen others using the "Not activity was updated" filter to trigger the expiration alert, but while testing noticed we had some partner leads come in that had been added to an opportunity with no activity recorded in between, which then fired the alert, so that won't work for us either.

What else can you reccomend? Create an SFDC task/workflow?

Thanks in advance for you suggestions,

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Re: SLA notifications / escalation alerts

Unless someone changes a status or task, there isn't a way for you to know that the lead was followed up on.

If Lead becomes MQL,
Wait 24 hours
If lead is still MQL, then Send Alert

is the basic format. I suppose you could have a trigger listening for Task Created and then pull the lead out of the other campaign.

What is Sales' current process?