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Single customized thank you page

I'm trying to see if this is possible - I'd like to create a single thank you page to use for multiple offers/downloads, but would want the thank you page customized slightly depending on what the person download.

For example, everyone is directed to when they fill in a form, no matter which page it's on. However, the page will contain a link to the item they downloaded and some slightly customized text, e.g. 'Thanks for downloading [name of download]'.

Is that possible with a page stored in Design Studio (i.e. not in a specific program)?


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Re: Single customized thank you page

Yes you can use one landing page in the design studio and use a token on the landing page.

You would need the [name of download] to be a field stored on person record.

Probably best to have that come in as a hidden field on the form.