Sharing "lead grade" with sales?

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Sharing "lead grade" with sales?

If I implement a lead grading system in addition to a lead scoring system, is it best practice to share all scores/grades with sales?

Seems like it will be a bit overwhelming, with behavioral, demographic, total and then lead grade.

My initial thought is to hide everything and just keep the lead grade.

Thoughts? What do others do?

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Re: Sharing "lead grade" with sales?

Although everyone's relationship with sales varies, I would either (a) show just the grade, like you said, or (b) strongly feature the grade but give them some way of drilling down to the constituent parts if they wanted (like on a secondary tab). Since it's presumably public info within your company, (b) saves you some time in case they want to second-guess check the details.

A grading rubric is supposed to convey simplicity, so I agree that displaying all parts w/equal emphasis would be counterintuitive.