SFDC sync

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SFDC sync

Hi, I am a Marketo User as a beginner, and now i am suffering as my event campaign doesn't sync with SFDC..

if anyone could have tips of solutions, it would be appreciated to share with me.

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Re: SFDC sync

Hi Eriko Yamada​,

You should create the program first in Marketo and then Sync it to Salesforce.  That way Marketo will create a matching campaign in Salesforce with all the same program status'.

Just follow the steps in the Marketo documentation. Sync an SFDC Campaign with a Program - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Also, could you please move this thread into the products board rather than marketing.



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Re: SFDC sync

Hi Eriko Yamada​ san,

btw, if you would like to ask any questions in Japanese, I recommend you to post messages in Japan Marketo User Group.

Here is the link to there.

Japan Marketo User Group (JMUG)

In JMUG, all communication is in Japanese and we're welcome Marketo beginner posting fundamental questions.