SFDC Sandbox Refresh

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SFDC Sandbox Refresh


SFDC sandbox is in sync with Marketo sandbox and data flows bidirectionally. We want to refresh our SFDC sandbox now, will there be any issues with that?

Will there be any loss of data or integration between the two? Please let me know.


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Re: SFDC Sandbox Refresh

Hello Soujanya!

When you refresh your SFDC sandbox you will get a new OrgID so the sync will stop working between your Marketo Sandbox and your SFDC Sandbox.

These are the steps you need to take:

1. Stop the sync in your Marketo Sandbox (admin - salesforce - disable sync button)

2. Wait 1-2 hours (in order to make sure any current sync cycle completes)

3. Refresh your SFDC Sandbox

4. Open a Marketo Support case asking support to refresh the OrgId in your sandbox

5. Once they tell you it's done, go fill in your new credentials in Marketo: Admin - Salesforce- Credentials

If you do the above it should all go smoothly. If you have any further concerns Marketo Support will gladly assist you