SFDC Event Reminder

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SFDC Event Reminder

I'm trying to set up a reminder email for a SFDC event, and hoping to get some help. I've searched to no avail, and feel like I'm missing something simple.

Our users can schedule an appointment with our sales team using a webform. The form creates an Event activity in SFDC. I'm trying to send a reminder email to the user 6 hours before the meeting.

I know that I can create a SmartList that adds members to the campaign when an activity is logged (or updated) using the Description, Priority, Status, Due Date, Owner, is Task, Date of Activity, and Min. Number of Times fields as constraints.

I have three questions:

  1. Can I  use the Event's Created By field (or other, custom fields) as an additional constraint?
  2. How can send the email on the meeting date itself?
    • The event's Start/End Dates do not seem to be available when I try to use them with the date token feature in a Wait Step
  3. Occasionally, user's cancel their meetings, so I'd like to avoid sending emails if the status field changes to "cancelled."

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Re: SFDC Event Reminder

Hi Adam Masur​,

The only things you can act on are the activity fields you have already listed. Custom fields and event "created by" or "Created datetime" are not available. You may wan to vote here :

So your points 1 and 2 will not be feasible. The point 3 should be thought, as the status field can be used in contraints.