Setting up Lead Scoring

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Setting up Lead Scoring

Does Marketo offer any paid services to set up lead scoring?

Or are there any third party companies that Marketo recommends that can help us set up lead scoring?

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Re: Setting up Lead Scoring

There are many resources that you can utilize for assistance with setting up lead scoring. You can reach out to your Customer Success Manager with Marketo, and they can provide you a quote for hours spent with a Solutions Consultant for lead scoring. I believe you need to purchase a minimum of 8 hours in a pack.

In addition, you have many outside consulting agencies that you can work with. A few of them that are top of mind to me at this point in time are Etumos, DemandGen, The Pedowitz Group, Digital Pi and Grazitti Interactive. I'm sure any of these partners can assist you, and I am also sure there are more that can help too.

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Re: Setting up Lead Scoring

Agreed to the comments and response from Bryan Epstein​. If you need assistance, feel free to DM me as we are a Marketo consulting agency that can help.

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Re: Setting up Lead Scoring

Hi Navin Watumull​ -

There are several agencies out there that can help with this. I manage a marketing automation consulting team and this is a service we provide often; our President actually just wrote a blog about it. We can help with strategy, implementation, and a review of how scoring is working for you and if any adjustments need to be made after the initial 60-90 days.

If you have any initial questions or want to chat, feel free to send me an email!