Setting up a post-event nurture with varied timing

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Setting up a post-event nurture with varied timing

We are looking to set up a post-event nurture for a series of live events (~50) taking place across the US this quarter. There will be one standard set of nurture emails that all event registrants and attendees should receive. Because we want the event follow up to be timely, leads need to be able to run through the stream at a difference cadence. What is the best way to set up the engagement program and lists? e.g. Would it be one engagement program, one stream, and several nested programs/several smart campaigns? Or could I have one nested program or smart campaign that all the event lists feed into?

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Re: Setting up a post-event nurture with varied timing

Hi Jenny,

One stream has once cadence - Multiple streams with duplicate content may be helpful, but depends on what is timely? If that means the port-nurture email is time-sensitive - it's a good idea to use daisy chain campaigns by a standard campaign flow - because, in streams, the leads will keep accumulating in the queue till the cadence is due.

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Re: Setting up a post-event nurture with varied timing

Have you used Marketo Calendar? You can create one event with all of the follow up nurturing and wait times in between each post. Once the program is approved you can clone the program which will keep the time frames anchored (ex. if you want emails to be sent out every three days -this will still be the case) and just approve to launch again. It is also beneficial because you can see all of your events taking place in one location.

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Re: Setting up a post-event nurture with varied timing


I think it would need to be a combination of the two suggestions above.  For the standard set of nurture emails for all registrants and attendees you could use an engagement stream with the same cadence for everyone.  But then if you want the timely follow-up emails to happen after an event these would need to be using triggered campaigns or request campaigns based on different actions happening (or wait steps in one parent campaign).

Hope this helps?