Re: Set originalReferrer via API

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Set originalReferrer via API

I'm trying to set the originalReferrer field via the REST API.

When I POST the following to







"firstName": "test",

"originalReferrer": ""




Marketo responds with:


"requestId": "[anonymized]",

"result": [


"id": 123456,

"status": "updated"



"success": true


Seems reasonable enough.

However, when I view the lead in Marketo, Original Referrer is not set, though First Name is set to "test".

Any thoughts?

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Re: Set originalReferrer via API

It's a system field, don't think it's user-updateable. You can use a custom field and copy the system field into there using a flow, then update it only if empty (using Block Field Updates).

Can you switch your name to be your full name? (That's one of the recs of the Community guidelines.)

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Re: Set originalReferrer via API

Can't be changed via API. Must be field update blocked in the back end