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Sending 2 email at 1 cast


In Stream's content I add 3 email: email1, email2, email3

At the first cast it send email1, I would like to send both email2 and email 3 at the second cast.

How to do it?


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Re: Sending 2 email at 1 cast


You want to send two emails on the same day and time? This may have an affect on delivery rate and unsubscribes.

But if you are looking to send two emails in one cast - you'd want to create a program and in the smart campaign it's just in the flow... send email - and send email -. Or maybe you want certain ppl to get one and not the other, you'd make smart campaigns with that criteria. Then drag the program into the stream.

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Re: Sending 2 email at 1 cast

You can do a Program like Kim said. That's probably the best way to ensure simultaneous sending. I also agree that it's not a great idea. Why are you doing that?

Please remember that Engagement Programs are NOT always your first or best choice for email sending. You may find it better to just use a straight program.

You could also setup 2 Streams for Emails 2 and 3. Whenever Email 2 goes out, have the transition pull everyone into Stream 3 for the next Cast that would be scheduled as close as possible to Email 2.
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Re: Sending 2 email at 1 cast


This is our case study:

We have 3 Streams: Stream 1, Stream2, Stream 3

In Stream 1: have 3 emails to send 

At first cast it send email 1, -> second cast we would like to send both email : email 2 and email3 at the same time.

After lead become Exhauted then 

1. If lead's score >= 20 -> move to Stream 2

2. After 1 month if lead's score <20 -> move to Stream 3

So my solution is create a program with a smart campaign (SM) and add it to Stream 1 (after Email1)

In Smart Campain I send 2 emails : Email 2 and Email 3 at the same time, And put a condition to push manually leads to Stream 2 and Stream 3 base on above condition

This way is okay? please confirm me!