Select options in a form field

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Select options in a form field


I'm hoping someone could help me with the country field in a form.

Is it possible to store values within a country select field within the form editor. So instead of copy and pasting into the select values I would like to have them automatically stored for each new form I create?


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Re: Select options in a form field

Hi Youcef,

No, this is not possible. The easiest way is to have all the country display value|stored value couples in a text file. When yo want to add the to the drop list field in the form editor, you click the "avlues" link, then the "advanced editor" link, copy the content of the text file and paste it.

You could also imagine to create a JS that would replace any values by the ones you want and add this JS to your LP templates, but it seems to me a little overkill.

Lats point, vote here:


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Re: Select options in a form field

Another workaround/option for this is if you create a global form that has only the Country field.  Then, use this form as the foundation for all your other forms that require country.

Then, when you want to create a form, you will need to simply clone this form and add which other fields you need.