"lead id could not be found" error for known leads

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"lead id could not be found" error for known leads


There seems to be a delay in associating a new munchkin ID to a lead object. Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Click from a nurturing email to a landing page. That email and click are associated to a lead object in Marketo.
  2. A Munchkin cookie is written on the landing page. This munchkin ID should be tied to the lead that received the email.
  3. A JS function collects the Munchkin ID from the cookie.
  4. We make an API call to get the Lead ID. (ie. /rest/v1/leads.json?filterType=cookie&filterValues=munchkinID)
  5. The API response is the "lead id could not be found" error.
  6. We make the same API call minutes later and I get the Lead ID.

This latency seems to fluctuate through out the day. The timing of the API calls we make is crucial. Is there any way to work around this or do we just have to retry?

Thank you!

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Re: "lead id could not be found" error for known leads

Munchkin lead association is asynchronous, yes. This is expected behavior. Although it can appear synchronous in periods of low utilization, that's coincidental.

Where are you running the API call from? I hope you're not calling (or passthrough proxying) the API method directly from the browser.

I think you should describe your goals in detail (rather than just the current implementation)... immediately retrieving the Marketo ID _on the client_ is not a typical requirement.