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Segmentations inside segmentations

Hi All,

Do you know if it is somehow possible to apply Segmentations to Segmentations when using dynamic content?
E.g. if I'm making an email dynamic based on country, to have a further segmentation that says, if country is Italy, AND job title in CEO display x content, if country is Italy AND job title is Manager, display this other content.


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Re: Segmentations inside segmentations

Hi Macarena,

No it's not. You will have to create a unique segmentation that mixes all you criteria.


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Re: Segmentations inside segmentations

You can do multiple-segment matrixes with Velocity, which is a powerful form of dynamic content, even if not Dynamic Content™.

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Re: Segmentations inside segmentations

If it's something you'll reference other places (SFDC, RCE, etc) you could also create a field for the segment (e.g. Industry Segment where the value is populated by the name of the segmentation), and create a campaign that populates the field based on segment membership.

You can also reference static lists in segment smart lists, so you could set up a campaign that adds people to lists depending on what segmentation they are in, and reference those lists in other segments.