Sandbox CSV uploads

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Sandbox CSV uploads

Can anyone else confirm that they have an issue with the following?

Create a simple file in Excel:

- One column file

- Column A heading: Email Address

- Column A values: enter your email and a test email (perhaps a colleague)

- Save as type "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)"

Open your Sandbox instance, attempt to upload the file into a list.

I am getting an error when attempting to do this (as well as explicit UTF-8 format save) that states "Invalid file type 'application/json'; must be CSV, semicolon, or tab-delimited text file".

I am getting an error upon this attempt and Support, while making a valiant effort to help has not been able to provide a sufficient answer IMO.

The response I received does not speak to the issue or underlying cause: "There are some subtle differences between the sandbox and production instances as the sandbox instance is designed for testing. From the screenshots you provided, the import is set to auto-detect the file. I would change the file format to comma separated values. It is not seeing that the csv format on this file."

IMHO (and my latest response to support since opening on 7/29/2016): "Something must have changed since just before I entered this ticket. I was able to upload CSV files without explicitly selecting format prior to this change. There must be a changelog for the codebase to trace back to what may have changed! And, while I understand that Sandbox is designed for testing, it should not be technically different in any way than Production to ensure a true test prior to Production deployment. This is simply common practice!"

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Re: Sandbox CSV uploads

Hi Geoff,

This is the first time I ever hear that a sandbox could be different from a prod, except for one thing: the number of emails one can send in a batch smart campaign.

Have you tried to import the same file in a prod (typically using a test workspace/partition)?


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Re: Sandbox CSV uploads

First, I always select CSV because I don't trust the UI.

Second, I have had occasional problems with lists when bad characters get into Marketo or there are protected fields that we were unaware of. I have been able to push Support to dig into this sort of thing, but it took a month. Most of the time it is a character or SFDC issue.

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Re: Sandbox CSV uploads

Agree with Josh here.  We've had issues in the past (in sandbox and production) when relying on Marketo to identify the file type.  We always select the type (either comma-separate; or tab-delimited, when using a text file with special characters).