sales alerts via SMS?

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sales alerts via SMS?

according to the Marketo website Mobile Alerts and Updates Increase Sales Intelligence,

"For users of other CRM solutions, or those not using CRM at all, Marketo Sales Insight allows sales reps to get real-time alerts and updates instantly on any mobile device via email or SMS.  With Marketo Sales Insight, reps can:

  • Get customized sales alerts sent to any mobile device"

I do not see a product document on how this is setup. I would like to setup SMS alerts to lead owners for specific interesting moments. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Re: sales alerts via SMS?

You can do this via Informatica SMS but you'd have to setup the lead owner as a lead too.

In the new sales insight tool, you need to use this with Salesforce1

Seeing Interesting Moments in Salesforce1 - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: sales alerts via SMS?

Hi Patrick,

Hoosh Marketing provides a 2-way SMS solution that allows you to plan, launch and monitor SMS campaigns directly from Marketo. You can try an interactive demo in the website and see how the platform works.seg?add=3901477&t=2