RTP Dialog Templates

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RTP Dialog Templates

We just recently started using RTP, and we would like to implement a simple "subscribe" dialog form upon entry to test. I tried using the templates, with disastrous results. I have no clue as to how to get them to render like the examples. I've tried tweaking the code, not touching the code, and tried all the various options available within the interface. If I can get it to center, the size becomes too small to hold the text, and all the options bring in unwanted borders and colors that I'd rather not use. Has anyone had any luck with these templates, or would I be better off handing this off as a month-long project for someone else at my company to tackle who doesn't know much more than I do?

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Re: RTP Dialog Templates

I find it easiest to just make the dialog a graphic (images and text) and use the transparent style with modal checked. Usually works ok then.