Revenue Cycle Model

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Revenue Cycle Model

Hey Marketo Team!

I am updating our revenue cycle model to match that of salesforce and I am running into some trouble.

New cycle.png

I am trying to add some rules between the stages.


Lead to MQL - Data Value change: Score is greater than 50

MQL to Stage Zero  - Trigger: Added to Opportunity, Opportunity is any.

I am running into trouble when I go from stage zero onwards

Stage Zero to Stage 1 - Trigger: Opportunity is Updated. New Value is ____ Old Value is _____. Unfortunately Marketo is not populating the new and old value fields. The new sales stages are already live and active in salesforce.

Any advice?



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Re: Revenue Cycle Model

Just type in the values. Marketo either has too many records to populate fast or doesn't have those values yet.

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Re: Revenue Cycle Model

The other thing is you should drive most of this with Batch and Trigger campaigns, not within the Arrows.

The Arrow triggers should be:

  • Revenue stage is Changed from X to Y

Your Lifecycle Management Program should handle the question you asked above.