Re: Results of survey on new page not working

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Results of survey on new page not working

Hey Community, 

We have created a survey that creates a score for a user. The form works and sends the score to a "Thank You" page. However, the user can only get the result by refreshing the page. I have tried adding a loader to the page and adding a refresh script to the page, but it continues to not work. Has anyone ever run into this before? 

Here is the page: Foothills Regional Weight-Loss Surgery 

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Re: Results of survey on new page not working

Tokens are not guaranteed to work on the immediate next pageview after a form submit (this has always been true). It's not a matter of the refresh but simply that more time has gone by -- even a tiny delay of 50ms is too short to guarantee the Thank You page response will be associated with the upserted lead.

However, if the score is created on the initial LP, I don't see why you wouldn't just pass it in the URL to the Thank You page, there's no reason to wait to reload it from the Marketo side if you have it in the browser.