Responsive Snippet?

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Re: Responsive Snippet?

Hi @Madison Lundquist, For LPs, you have to define class at snippet level. Then, add responsive CSS in template of that LP so that your icons will not distort.

For emails, you have to add inline style in snippet as some of email clients does not support internal CSS. Also, wrap this icons in one TD and add space in between by using '&nbsp' . 



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Re: Responsive Snippet?

Echoing the point about Outer HTML variations that Sanford mentioned...

Writing dedicated CSS for the snippet ID and even including @media queries is not a guaranteed fix.

e.g. If the snippet is being used in an email that's 480px wide, you've styled it to go across 2 rows evenly. The snippet then gets added to a desktop landing page in a 480px box but the media query thinks there's 1080px width and the snippet doesn't display as intended.

Try the suggestions here to fix the styling for the specific email or landing page, but be mindful that things may change if your usage of the snippet changes. You may have to create another snippet and rewrite the styling if you want to use it elsewhere