Rerouting Paid Search Leads to product specific programs

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Rerouting Paid Search Leads to product specific programs


I am seeking ideas for automating the lead rerouting process for our Paid Search ads. Currently, we have a Trigger program that captures and processes leads from our Paid Search ads. These ads are generic and direct people to our website. Once a lead becomes a member of the Trigger program, someone from our digital team manually routes them to specific product programs based on the content the leads interacted with the most, mostly the pages visited, and lead scoring, which product has the highest score. We have not been able to come up with criteria to use for automating the process because we cannot predict which types of pages leads will interact or engage with, and using the highest score only sometimes translates to interest. Is there a way to automate this process? Has anyone done something similar? I would appreciate any suggestions. 

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Re: Rerouting Paid Search Leads to product specific programs


There can be quiet a few options you can implement to achieve your lead processing.


1. First you can try using targeted ad based on your product offers instead of the generic ads. This way you will be more sure on your customers interest based on the ads they interact with &  then directly put them the program for that product. This will also provide you with a more specific understanding on your marketing ROI & product positioning.


2. Second a more generic way as per your current ads, you can engage all your customers within a nurture program & have an initial stream with content related to all the products under offer e.g. content related to all product A, product B, product C & so on. You can then track your customers interest on any specific product by having a form or specific product document download so that you will have more specific requirements of your customers & transit them to specific streams targeting specific products.


Hope this will give you some ideas to work with your use case.


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Re: Rerouting Paid Search Leads to product specific programs

Well, first of all, I think you meant a trigger campaign instead of a trigger program. Marketo doesn't have anything like a trigger program. To answer your question, you can use the UTMs in your paid search ad URLs. These tags allow you to track specific campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. You can also incorporate UTM tags to identify the content category or product area associated with each ad. For example, a tag like utm_content=blog could indicate a blog post the ad links to. You can automate routing to the product and interest-specific program based on the campaign and content category. This certainly provides a more targeted approach compared to generic landing pages. You can also create a few product or interest specific scoring fields to track the scores and interest levels of people for each product type; however, you wouldn't want to overdo this to the point that it becomes challenging to maintain it in the first place.