reporting on marketo programs

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reporting on marketo programs

Hi All!

I recently created a smart list to see all of the prospects in our database who have not been influenced by our campaigns (all time). The idea being, we want to see how much of the database we have not activated yet & try to get them to engage with us. I want to break this down even further, and see what campaigns the members on this list have been a part of & try and see a pattern. How would one go about pulling this info/report without creating an individual report for each campaign? 


Another side question, when creating the smart list, one of my filters was a member of any program = true, but did not have x program statuses. With this logic, if someone did not engage with at least 1 program, but engaged with every other program they have been in, does that mean they will still be a part of this smart list? 

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Re: reporting on marketo programs

Do you happen to have RCE? If you don't, it might be helpful to start with a basic Program Performance Report in Analytics to see which programs have the lowest success rate & lowest # of total successes/engagement statuses. This will point you in the right direction as to which programs are working in terms of driving engagement.


For your second question, if you are specifically trying to see who did not engage with any Marketo programs, you can pull this relatively easily (assuming your program channels and statuses are set up and used consistently)



This should capture anyone who is not a success in any program. 


Good luck!