Reporting on Lead Volume per Flow Steps

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Reporting on Lead Volume per Flow Steps



We have multiple trigger campaigns for onboarding customers and would like to see the volume of customers that go through each flow step. Each campaign has different flow steps including email sends, SMS blasts (through SFDC), and "request campaign" to move to different onboarding milestones.


Is there a report that will show us the customer onboarding journey throughout each trigger campaign? More specifically, through each flow step? 


For example, if 5 merchants came in through the initial trigger campaign, how many of them opened emails, were sent SMS, and then went to the next campaign?


Open to other campaign setup ideas in order to obtain this visibility. Should note, that all trigger campaigns are nested under a Default program. 


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Re: Reporting on Lead Volume per Flow Steps

You should explain exactly what you want such a report to look like.


None of Marketo’s “reports” proper look across campaigns in the way you describe.


A Smart List can show the people who qualified for a given flow step in a time frame (although not explicitly as a "flow step" in a Smart Campaign, merely as an activity that you may be able to tie uniquely to a SC).


You can use the REST API to extract activities w/their original campaign context, but this is hardly the best way to report, as you must have a dev team maintaining your connections to a data warehouse, views, reports, etc.


I’d suggest you should be making better use of Marketo program statuses (a.k.a. progression statuses), not just sending people through campaigns and trying to reverse-engineer milestones. Make the milestones explicit. Alternately you can use explicit Interesting Moments for those milestones.

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Re: Reporting on Lead Volume per Flow Steps

Totally agree.

Depending on what the requirements are you may be able to set up a series of smart lists with people qualifying for each milestone, which you can then integrate into a People Performance report to bring the visibility you need. But in the basis, setting up the measurement of your milestones with program status progresssions and/or interesting moments would be the more robust solution.