Report out Programs not using specific filter

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Report out Programs not using specific filter

Is it possible to report out and programs that have been created, that do not contain specific filters. Example: We have a Smart List which is used to identify all contacts deemed as marketable to, which should be used in all email programs as below; 


The issue is, this is not always being used, and we would like a way to identify any email programs not using this parameter.

If anyone knows a way of pulling a list of these cases, either within Marketo reporting, audit trail, via API, or any other means, that would be much appreciated


Stephen Popple
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Re: Report out Programs not using specific filter

Hmmmmm this is a tricky one. 

You can definitely pull down SMART CAMPAIGNS that use the "Member of Smart List" rule by navigating to Marketing Activities, clicking on your top level folder, and going to the "Campaign Inspector" tab (screenshot below), but I don't believe it says WHAT smartlist the campaign is using to filter on, only the fact that it's using the Member of Smart List filter. Note -- If you don't see this, you might need to go into Admin > Treasure Chest (bottom option) and turn it on.

If you're using Email Programs or Engagement Programs, this wouldn't be included since that campaign inspector is only looking at smart campaigns. You might need an API call to extract what you're looking for. Support might be able to help you as well if you want to submit a ticket and see what they say!

Good luck!



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Re: Report out Programs not using specific filter

Is there a way to add Program to this Report?