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Removing from Unknown List

Hi Marketo wizards,

I have setup a lead database for all unknown responders. All email domains that are free (ie gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail) are placed here first for approval before being part of my whitelist. I have setup a database on each program to collect those for approval and I have a summary for all such leads.

Now, there's this one lead that came in through one of my programs and it was approved. However, that lead is still showing up in the summary list. How do I remove it from the summary list only without it being removed from the whitelist database? I tried the delete lead button but I'm afraid it will delete the complete data of the lead. I only want it to be deleted in the unknown lead summary list.

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Re: Removing from Unknown List

When you say you "set up a database" do you mean you have a smart list or a static list of these leads?