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Registration Portal Recommendations


We are looking for a registration system for a 2.5 day webinar series. We have previously used Cvent and like users' flexibility to change their sessions selections and our ability to update content, however, we would ideally like to use a system that is a little less expensive.

I would appreciate any suggestions!
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Re: Registration Portal Recommendations

Hi Grace,

Could you please provide a little more information - do you have any live pages we can use as an example of how complicated the sessions selection is?

The reason I ask is because you can theoretically create this from scratch yourself. But that will completely depend on the complexity of it all 🙂

Warm regards,
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Re: Registration Portal Recommendations

Hi Nora!

Thanks for your reply.

We are going to be hosting 2.5 days of webinars, across several different tracks, with multiple sessions for each track so it is a bit too complex for us to build out in Marketo ourselves (we spoke with a Marketo consultant about it!).

Have you used you anything similar to Cvent? Or do you have any registration portal recommendations?

Let me know!